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Ranma Fushichō, Antique Japanese Wood Carving Panel

  • Ranma Fushichō, Antique Japanese Wood Carving Panel - YO23010128
  • Ranma Fushichō, Antique Japanese Wood Carving Panel - YO23010128
  • Ranma Fushichō, Antique Japanese Wood Carving Panel - YO23010128
  • Ranma Fushichō, Antique Japanese Wood Carving Panel - YO23010128
  • Ranma Fushichō, Antique Japanese Wood Carving Panel - YO23010128
  • Ranma Fushichō, Antique Japanese Wood Carving Panel - YO23010128

Item description - YO23010128
Japanese Ranma (欄間) are traditional wood carving panels also known as transom. These expertly handcrafted art pieces are famous for their astonishing detail, three-dimensional depth and composition. Traditionally, Ranma are used to decorate the space between the ceiling and lintel between rooms and hallways of temples, Ryokan and traditional Japanese homes. Because of the open structure of the Ranma they function as authentic ways to improve lighting and ventilation of rooms. With that being said, Ranma can generally be used to decorate any wall in a mesmerizing way.

This particular Ranma shows an great amount of depth with the woodcarving popping out of the frame with a great number of layers for about 30 centimeters. The composition shows a scene in between branches of an old paulownia tree. On the left side of the Ranma a phoenix can be spotted facing to the right with its tailfeathers going in between the branches. The details on the mythical bird are especially astounding from the head to the wings and feathers. In Japanese culture the phoenix or Fushichō (不死鳥) symbolizes power sent to the Empress from the gods. According to the legends, a phoenix only stays inside a house or building when the owner is without darkness or corruption.

On the right side of the Ranma a waterfall can be seen coming down and making great splashes in the downright corner of the composition. There are many Asian folktales involving waterfalls. One of the most famous tales is that of the golden Koi. Out of a big school of Koi, one was able to swim to the top of the waterfall. The gods recognized the particular Koi for its perseverance and strength, turning it into a golden dragon. The water splashing up symbolizes the Koi from this tale.

This Ranma is very vulnerable so the transportation options have to be thoroughly discussed. If you are interested, please contact us directly.

• Origin: Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, Japan
• Material: Hinoki (檜)
• Age: Meiji Period
• Condition: Due to old age and vulnerability there are some small damages and traces of minor restauration. Additionally, the name of the previous owner is written on the back in Kanji. In spite of this the Ranma is in optimal condition.

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