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The Japanese Garden - Designing

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japanese garden designing

Designing the garden
Our Japanese garden is an extension to our home and living space. The ideal garden takes full advantage of the existing structures and layout. By properly adding extra elements and structures we will be able to create an exciting, balanced environment, with optimal use of the available space. Balanced, exciting and attractive. With you as a the customer in mind and enough space for your own unique contribution.

There are several distinct types of designs for Japanese gardens. There are the landscape garden, the tea garden, the rock garden and the Zen garden. To achieve the sense of a true Japanese garden we need to apply a set of very strict rules that are considered less important in our Western culture. A number of indispensable elements featuring a Japanese garden include Water, Stones and Moss; Water means life. As the sun rises in the east, streams or watercourses in the Japanese garden flow from east to west. Stones are the islands of peace in the oceans of gravel. Moss, green, in particular by extensive use of mosses a Japanese garden is a green garden the whole year round. In spring, however, the garden is a pool of vibrant colors, blossoming rhododendrons and azalia's.

Exiting subareas
Larger gardens can be divided into several sub-areas each with its own theme and atmosphere, put together creating a balanced, interesting garden. Think of paths, terraces, patios and water features.

Smart garden layout
Smaller gardens can be made very interesting by the use of different heights, water features, ponds and a sophisticated layout. You'll be amazed at the transformation of your garden after application of the right garden design by the professional landscaper.

The customer, our Daimyo
Our garden designs are always unique, specially drawn for your garden, and with thorough knowledge and sense of the available space. Our garden architect provided the design but obviously, our client is the "Daimyo" and will allways have the final word about the design of the garden. Our experience however shows that our garden designs are implemented almost 100% as initially designed by Yokoso Japanese Gardens.


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