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Koshikake Mukuzai - Custom-built Japanese Garden Bench

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The traditional bench of the Japanese garden Being able to enjoy the aesthetics of the Japanese garden in a comfortable way is an essential part of the experience. A comprehensive garden shelter known as a Koshikake (腰掛) provides this in a uniquely authentic Japanese fashion. The seating area is completely covered on top and modestly covered on the sides, protecting the visitor from harsh weather conditions.

The Koshikake, also known by the full term Koshikake Machiai (腰掛待合), is a key element of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and can be found in every tea garden in some shape or form. Participants of the tea ceremony have to wait on the bench before being called into the tearoom. This way the mood is leisurely build. The Japanese term Koshikake Machiai refers to this ritual and loosely translates to 'the meeting bench'.

Probably the most important principle of the Japanese garden is that it should have a certain natural essence. This also applies to the Koshikake to a certain degree. Although it is not natural in shape, it is primarily made of natural materials. In this case, the element of wood.

The Koshikake Mukuzai is designed in an authentic rural Japanese style. The wooden pillar on the side, known as the Kibashira (木柱), is made of natural looking wood which gives the Koshikake a nice country style appearance. This pillar formed the inspiration for the name Mukuzai (無垢材), which is Japanese for natural wood.

Personal contact as a key to success Every project is different and requires its own approach plan. That is why we ask you to please contact us by phone or mail if you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment. We are always excited to hear your wishes and expectations, while providing you with all the necessary information. Through personal contact we can be of optimal service, the key to success.

Estimated Pricing (Base model) Hand crafted Japanese Koshikake Mukuzai as pictured. Prices, in euros, including VAT, refering to placement within the Netherlands. Placement outside the Netherlands based on quotation and subsequent calculation. Other design, versions and customization on request.

Koshikake Mukuzai - Oregon Pine 11.500,00
Koshikake Mukuzai - Yellow Cedar 14.950,00
Foundation 2.300,00
Tataki floor 2.500,00
Onsite placement 2.400,00
Width, depth, height 290x165x245 cm

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