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Ninna-ji Itabei - Custom-built Japanese Garden Fences

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General Information | Practical Information

The authentic backdrop of the Japanese garden
When it comes to the Japanese garden, fences are so much more than a way to isolate the grounds and providing security. Fences, Itabei (板塀) in Japanese, function as the backdrop of the garden. An important element that can really add a lot of atmosphere. Many elements of the Japanese garden symbolize phenomena found in nature. For example, rocks symbolizing mountains or plants representing far away green hills. The backdrop can either add to these images, or lower their effect if they do not fit well together. The hand-made fences by Yokoso Japanese Gardens ensure a fitting and highly authentic backdrop for every Japanese garden.

Probably the most important principle of the Japanese garden is that it should have a certain natural essence. This also applies to the fences to a certain degree. Although they are not natural in shape, they are primarily made of natural materials. In this case, the element of wood.

Inspired by ancient Japanese architecture
The Ninna-ji Itabei Japanese Garden Fences were inspired by those found at the Ninna-ji Temple (仁和寺) in Kyoto, which was also the inspiration for the name. The Ninna-ji Temple is famous all over the world for its ancient traditional architecture and great Karesansui garden. Around the garden roofed fences can be spotted, which were the biggest influence on the Ninna-ji Itabei by Yokoso Japanese Gardens.

Personal contact as a key to success
Every project is different and requires its own approach plan. That is why we ask you to please contact us by phone or mail if you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment. We are always excited to hear your wishes and expectations, while providing you with all the necessary information. Through personal contact we can be of optimal service, the key to success.

Estimated Pricing (Base model)
Hand crafted Japanese garden fence Ninna-ji Itabei as pictured. Prices, in euros, including VAT, refering to placement within the Netherlands. Placement outside the Netherlands based on quotation and subsequent calculation. Other design, versions and customization on request.

Ninna-ji Itabei - Oregon Pine 3.250,00
Ninna-ji Itabei - Yellow Cedar 4.250,00
Foundation 350,00
Onsite placement 1.050,00
Width, depth, height 180x100x180 cm


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