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Traditional Japanese woodwork, aesthetics in pure harmony
Japan has a rich history of artisanal woodwork and architecture. Many wooden buildings found throughout the country are expertly crafted by hand using specialized techniques and traditional tools. This results in unmatched aesthetic value that is viewed by many as an expression of pure harmony. Yokoso Japanese Gardens wants to bring this wonderful artform to the Western world and beyond.

There is a great variety of woodwork constructions that unmistakably belong to the Japanese garden. The primary example being the traditional tea house, a building that is the vocal point of many gardens in Japan. Other wooden constructions of the Japanese garden include the Koshikake and the garden gate to name just a few.

Custom made for your Japanese garden

The adjustability of woodwork is very important at Yokoso Japanese Gardens. Every garden or construction site is unique, which means that the sizes and dimensions of the woodwork might need to be modified. All the traditional Japanese wooden constructions by Yokoso Japanese Gardens are custom made to fit the location and the wishes of our client in the best way possible.

The wonderful smell of cedar wood

Western Red Cedar is an excellent alternative for the Japanese Hinoki wood. Just like Hinoki, cedar is a very durable wood type and will develop a beautiful silver-gray patina over the years. All Yokoso woodwork projects are carried out primarily in Western Red Cedar using the most traditional techniques and tools available. All essential and visible parts are constructed without screws or nails, instead they are held together through unique Japanese joinery. However, some hidden joinery may use more modern techniques. The detail is what is most important to us.

Please check out all the Yokoso Woodwork Models used the link below.


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