Japanese Woodwork & Carpentry

All the traditional wooden constructions by Yokoso Japanese Gardens are custom built on request. The various models have standard dimensions, which are adjustable to a very high degree. Next to this, there is a wide range of options available to choose from such as the type of roofing. If you have additional options in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialized craftsmen can make your most desired wishes into reality.

Japanese Washitsu
Shoji Doors
Japanese Gate
Hōgei Niwamon
Japanese Tea House
Igokochi Niwakoya
Japanese Storage Shed
Niwamono Okigoya
Japanese Shelter
Yokaze Koshikake
Japanese Shelter
Mukuzai Koshikake
Japanese Wooden Fence
Ninna-ji Itabei
Japanese Wooden Fence
Soyokaze Itabei
Japanese Wooden Fence
Yoko Itabei Bonsai-dana
Japanese Wooden Fence
Fence Designs
Japanese Wooden Planter
Kokumotsu Planter
Traditional Japanese
Kawara Roof Tiles
Kawara Roof Tiles