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Certificate of Authenticity

Dear customer. You are in possession of an authentic, antique and probably valuable Japanese object or are about to purchase such an object. The value of antique objects will only increase in the coming years and it is therefore very important to have the object valued and to determine the true value. Next, it is very important that you have the object insured against damage, theft or loss. For this, your insurer will probably request a so-called COA or Certificate of Authenticity.

Valuation process
Our specialists can arrange the valuation process for you and record it in a Certificate of Authenticity. A number of important items are included in this document, including the type of object, the market value, the age, the dimensions, a unique object number, the current owner, etc. A number of images are also linked to the object. All in all a complete overview of the object including a correct valuation.

Selling your object
For whatever reason, you may decide to sell your object. Or, the object has come into your possession as a gift or part of an inheritance and you decide to sell the object. If this situation arises, we would greatly appreciate it if you gave us, Yokoso Japanese Gardens, the opportunity to be the first party to be able to purchase or buy back the object from you. This, to ensure that the object will be preserved for posterity and to prevent valuable objects that are part of the Japanese heritage from being lost. We will then do our utmost to find a new suitable owner for the property. The Certificate of Authenticity can play an important role in this transfer.

Largest Japanese garden center
Yokoso Japanese Gardens is a specialist with the largest collection of authentic antique Japanese ornaments, stone lanterns, tsukubai, rocks and other garden-related decorative items. We are the largest Japanese garden center outside of Japan. If you are in possession of Japanese ornaments, lanterns, tsukubai, etc. whose real value you would like to know, please contact one of our specialists for an appraisal report and a Certificate of Authenticity. Please use our contact form for more information.

Certificate of Authenticity
Max 10 photographs, overall and details.
Certificate of Authenticity document.
Hardcopy and PDF version of the document.
Fee: 10% of the valued price per object.
Travel and subsistence expenses excluded.


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