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About Yokoso, Premium Japanese Gardens and Architecture

Welcome to Yokoso, the most authentic Japanese landscaping company, architectural firm, and specialist store outside of Japan for both businesses and private individuals.

Over the past years, the western demand for traditional as well as modern Japanese gardens and architecture has significantly increased as both gained a wider appreciation and acknowledgement among architects, landscapers, and the general public. That is the reason why we founded Yokoso. It is our mission to build a bridge between cultures and give form to the art of Japanese landscaping and architecture throughout the world, sharing our passion with as many people as possible.

One of the biggest strengths of Yokoso is our exceptional network of Japanese advisors and suppliers. The people of Japan are famous for being very protective of their culture and national heritage, making their devotion to our unique cause extra special. Thanks to their amazing support we are able to create Japanese gardens and architecture the way the artforms are truly meant to be, with the highest levels of quality and authenticity.

A big source of inspiration for our mission is the long intriguing history between Japan and our country, the Netherlands. During the Edo period, Japan was closed off to almost all other nations in the world. Only the Dutch were allowed to trade with the Japanese on the small island of Dejima in Nagasaki. For more than 200 years, this was the only contact between Japan and the western world. The importance of this piece of history is reflected in the Kanji character seen in our logo. This character represents the Netherlands and was first used during the Dejima time to describe the many things the Dutch introduced to Japan. Based on this, the character can be considered a symbol of friendship between the two countries, a perfect representation of what Yokoso is all about.

After we founded Yokoso a decade ago, we have realized a vast variety of projects with great success. Think of Japanese garden designs, complete construction, small-scale architecture as well as fully equipped houses and pavilions. There are no projects too big or complex for our dedicated team.

Immerse yourself in peaceful traditional esthetics, step into the world of Yokoso.


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