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What would be more appealing then a quiet moment of relaxing, sitting in your Japanese garden shelter Yokaze protected from the elements while enjoying your Japanese garden in all its beauty. The traditional Japanese style summer house Yokaze, (Japanese for "night wind") consists of a wooden roof covered bench with side and back walls to protect you from the wind and rain. Every more then average sized traditional Japanese garden should feature a summer house like the Yokaze. The Japanese Koshikake Yokaze comes is 2 different configurations, with one or two side walls. The Yokaze measures 300 x 180 cm. The roof is somewhat bigger and measures 440 x 280 cm. Obviously the Yokaze can also be ordered in a custom design. In that case we can arrange for the technical drawings and presentation of the design in 3D. Note: custom design and presentation require an additional fee.

Natural decoloration
Because of the environmental conditions like sunlight all wood will get a wonderful thin silvergrey top layer. Because Yokoso Japanese Gardens only uses the most durable wood types the decoloration of the wood is not affecting the strength of the construction in any way. However, in case you would like the wood to keep its natural color the Yokaze can be treated with a protecting natural oil. Besides protecting the wood from turning grey the oil will also give the wood a deeper, more outstanding grain. To maintain the natural color of the wood we advise to treat the wood every other year.

Also available as a kit
The Japanses style Yokaze can also be ordered as a kit. In that case the customer will need to put the garden shelter together himself. The customer also needs to take care of the foundation and installment. In case you are considering one of our beautiful Japanese themed garden shelters or garden houses, it is good to know Yokoso Japanese Gardens also provides in transportation and installment on site. For transport and installment on site Yokoso Japanese Gardens will provide a seperate quotation. Costs for transport and installment are highly dependent on you location.

Models and sizes

  Model no: Length: Width: Height: Price:
050101 - Tiles 410 cm 280 cm 280 cm Quote
050102 - Planks 410 cm 280 cm 280 cm Quote
050103 - Shingles 410 cm 280 cm 280 cm Quote

Price: on request

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