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  • Japanese Niwaki Trees and Plants for Sale, White Pine and Maple

Life of the Japanese Garden The variety of trees, shrubs and plants belonging to the Japanese garden is fairly modest. A basic principle of the Japanese garden is that it should be a reflection of nature. Just like in nature, trees and plants have to co-exist in a harmonious way, without certain species standing out or feeling out of place. Respecting this principle results in a very natural Japanese garden that represents unity and harmony.

Most trees and plants of the Japanese garden require certain methods to keep them in optimal condition. Yokoso Japanese Gardens has years of experience with this and gladly provides knowledgeable advice if needed.

Niwaki, Unmatched Aesthetics of Shaped Trees Shaped trees or Niwaki (庭木), a Japanese term that literally translates to garden trees, are a staple of the Japanese garden. Shaped trees are basically trees that are pruned in a specialized manner by experts to create very special elegant shapes. Think of the very famous cloud pruned trees for example. Next to the Eastern essence that a Niwaki adds to a garden, they also play a significant role in the structure of the garden. Well-known and renowned Niwaki species are among others the Japanese White Pine, Goyōmatsu (ゴヨウマツ), and the Japanese Black Pine, Kuromatsu (黒松).

Evergreens and Groundcover The Japanese garden often uses evergreens, which are plants that maintain their green color all throughout the year. This way the garden is always elegant and in the best condition. Most evergreens are part of the Taxus species. The Taxus shrubs are often pruned in round shapes in order to symbolize far away mountain landscapes.

Although flowers are rarely associated with the Japanese garden, blooming trees and shrubs are often applied to add color to the garden. Azaleas and Rhododendrons are for example found in many gardens in Japan. This also rings true for the Wisteria Floribunda. This wood like Japanese climber plant can grow up to nine meters in height.

Groundcover plants are used to create an elegant balance in combination with gravel or pebbles. These elements often meet in a natural meandering manner to accentuate the different sections of the garden. Often used groundcover plants in the Japanese garden are the Japanese Snakes Beard (Ophiopogon Japonicus) and Brass Buttons (Leptinella Potentillina).

Authentic Japanese Trees, Shrubs and Plants For Sale Our Japanese garden center is unique outside of Japan and we would be happy to invite you for a visit! We have a wide range of original Japanese ornaments, rocks, decorations, plants and trees in our collection. Yokoso Japanese Gardens is the perfect place to find the ideal authentic Japanese tree, shrub or plant for your Japanese garden. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment.


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