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Kumi Ito Sudo, Antique Japanese Summer doors

  • Kumi Ito Sudo, Antique Japanese Summer doors - YO24010041
  • Kumi Ito Sudo, Antique Japanese Summer doors - YO24010041
  • Kumi Ito Sudo, Antique Japanese Summer doors - YO24010041
  • Kumi Ito Sudo, Antique Japanese Summer doors - YO24010041
  • Kumi Ito Sudo, Antique Japanese Summer doors - YO24010041

Item description - YO24010041
This beautiful set of antique Japanese Sudo (簾戸) or summer doors are not to be confused with Shoji doors. Sudo doors are built with Japanese Hinoki wood combined with reed mats, often mounted in a decorative pattern. Sudo doors often feature decorative hand-carved designs at the bottom or center of the wooden panel. Some Sudo doors are fitted with ornamental smoked bamboo trellis.

Sudo doors are traditional Japanese sliding doors that replace the Shoji during summer. By using reed, the Sudo doors allow the air to flow through the house easily.

A set of Sudo doors can be easily mounted together with small copper hinges. This is an easy way to create an elegant folding room divider. Also, the Sudo can be mounted in a wooden frame and be used as sliding doors.

This individual Sudo screen is named Kumi Ito (組み糸). This means braided string, which is a reference to the braids on the panel of the Sudo.

Some screens can be slightly damaged and show some wear and tear due to usage and old age.

• Origin: Nagoya, Aichi prefecture
• Material: Hinoki wood, Reed, Bamboo
• Age: Meiji Period
• Condition: No major damage
• Price: Per individual Sudo screen

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YO24010041 66 cm 174 cm 3 cm € 150.00

EUR: 150.00  ⇒  EUR:  150.00

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