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Benikamo Stone, Japanese Ornamental Rock
  • Benikamo Stone, Japanese Ornamental Rock - YO06010121
  • Benikamo Stone, Japanese Ornamental Rock - YO06010121

Item description - YO06010121
Benikamo Stone, Japanese Ornamental Rock - The first written guide on Japanese landscaping, the Sakuteiki, describes creating gardens as: Ishi wo taten koto (石を立てん事). This translates to setting stones upright, a description that greatly emphasizes the importance of these elements within the Japanese garden.

Traditionally applying ornamental rocks, Niwaishi (庭石) in Japanese, forms the basis of practically every Japanese garden. The setting of stones is always the first step, after which the garden is formed together with all the other elements surrounding it.

An authentic Japanese garden needs to evoke a certain natural essence. Rocks and stones play a significant role regarding this principle as they are pure elements, taken straight from nature.

Benikamo is a special type of stone frequently used in the Japanese garden. These stones are known for their recognizable red color and originate from the Kamo river, which runs through Kyoto. The name Benikamo stone literally translates to: Crimson stone from the Kamo river.

Additionally to its use in the Japanese garden, Benikamo stones are also popular as Suiseki.

• Origin: Kyoto, Kyoto prefecture, Japan
• Material: Benikamo stone (紅加茂石)

Model and sizes

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YO06010121 70 cm 110 cm 20 cm € 950.00

EUR: 950.00  ≈  EUR:  950.00

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