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Clingendael Park Japanese Garden - Landscaping (2020)

  • Japanese Garden Clingendael Landscaping
  • Japanese Garden Clingendael Bamboo Fence
  • Japanese Garden Clingendael Gate
  • Japanese Garden Clingendael Bamboo Fence Stone Lantern
  • Japanese Garden Clingendael Koshikake
  • Japanese Garden Clingendael Pond Fence

An Authentic Upgrade for a Famous Japanese Garden
Yokoso was very honored to be asked to work for the famous Japanese garden in Clingendael Park, located in The Hague. Our highly skilled landscaper Mizuno-san specializes in creating bamboo fences by hand, a skill known in Japan as Takegaki-zukuri (竹垣づくり), and he was tasked with creating bamboo fences for the famous garden. A large fence was crafted next to the entrance gate and smaller ones were installed along the pond, keeping visitors from going off the path.

Next to making the bamboo fences, Mizuno-san also restored the dated traditional wooden entrance gate, as well as the Koshikake Machiai bench located to the left of the entrance. After our work was completed, the Japanese garden was once again in optimal condition and prepared for the great number of visitors they welcome each year.