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Yuri Kusari-doi, Japanese Pure Copper Rain Chain

  • Yuri Kusari-doi, Japanese Pure Copper Rain Chain - YO40010001
  • Yuri Kusari-doi, Japanese Pure Copper Rain Chain - YO40010001
  • Yuri Kusari-doi, Japanese Pure Copper Rain Chain - YO40010001
  • Yuri Kusari-doi, Japanese Pure Copper Rain Chain - YO40010001

Item description - YO40010001
As an attractive and functional alternative to the closed downspouts seen throughout the Western world, Japan uses rain chains known as Kusari-doi (鎖樋). The beauty of the Kusari-doi is that it transports water from the roof to the ground in an artistic and elegant way. The cups catch the stream and transfer it to the next cup in the chain until it reaches ground level. This makes the Kusari-doi, in contrast to the dull downspouts, so much more than just a functional object. It is a true ornament that is not only visually appealing, but also creates calming sounds. In case of light rain the Kusari-doi will shine together with the waterdrops which also causes a gently dripping sound. In heavy rain however, the individual waterdrops are replaced by a stream of clashing rainwater. In both cases, the senses are pleased by the Kusari-doi in a unique and pleasant way.

The Kusari-doi can easily be attached to the gutter of any home, shed, shelter or other building. Usually, an object is placed underneath the Kusari-doi to catch the water. Think of a drain, a barrel or a water ornament. The ripples in the water caused by the falling drops results in additional calming effects.

The shape of the Kusari-doi cups is often based on flowers or other natural elements. The inspiration for the cups of this specific Kusari-doi comes from the lily flower, known as Yuri (百合) in Japanese.

• Origin: Japan
• Weight: 3 Kilograms
• Size of the cups: 65 x 60 mm
• Length: 2600 mm - 25 cups
• Material: Pure Red Copper
• Age: New product

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
YO40010001 7 cm 7 cm 260 cm Eur 575.00


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