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Ryūgū Tsuridōrō, Japanese Antique Metal Lantern

  • Ryūgū Tsuridōrō, Japanese Antique Metal Lantern - YO23010044
  • Ryūgū Tsuridōrō, Japanese Antique Metal Lantern - YO23010044
  • Ryūgū Tsuridōrō, Japanese Antique Metal Lantern - YO23010044
  • Ryūgū Tsuridōrō, Japanese Antique Metal Lantern - YO23010044

Item description - YO23010044
Metal lanterns are seen as sacred light sources in Japan. They are very often used in Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines all over the country. But also, in regular houses, in the garden or even indoors, authentic metal lanterns bring a one-of-a-kind soothing atmosphere. The light inside the lantern can be arranged in multiple ways, a candle or lightbulb for example. It is common to hang a metal lantern from the ceiling or the wall. Because of this the name in Japanese is Tsuridōrō (釣り灯籠), which roughly translates to hanging lantern. Of course, the lantern can also be beautifully put on display on the floor or a cabinet of some sort. Altogether this means that a Tsuridōrō is a multifunctional ornament with many marvelous options for variety.

The very authentic appearance of this particular Tsuridōrō has a lot of similarities with the mythological dragons from Chinese and Japanese folklore. The lines makes one think of dragon hair and the overall structure is just like the skin of a dragon. The Tsuridōrō symbolizes the dragon palace, or Ryūgū (竜宮) in Japanese. A very well known location from the story of Urashima Tarō.

• Origin: Nagoya, Aichi prefecture
• Material: Cast iron
• Age: Meiji Period
• Condition: Excellent

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