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Nuresagi Gata Ishidōrō, Japanese Stone Lantern

  • Nuresagi Gata Ishidōrō, Japanese Stone Lantern - YO01010105
  • Nuresagi Gata Ishidōrō, Japanese Stone Lantern - YO01010105
  • Nuresagi Gata Ishidōrō, Japanese Stone Lantern - YO01010105

Item description - YO01010105
Stone lanterns, Ishidōrō (石灯籠) in Japanese, are without a doubt the most characteristic part of the traditional Japanese garden. The phenomenon originated from China more than a thousand years ago, from there it spread to Korea and eventually was integrated into Japanese culture as well. All Japanese holy sites, such as Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, use stone lanterns as sacred light sources. During the 16th century, stone lanterns became very popular among Japanese tea masters and they were used to light the path through the tea garden leading towards the tea house. Ever since then, one or multiple stone lanterns are featured in almost every traditional Japanese garden.

A Japanese stone lantern is made up of multiple independent parts that need to be carefully stacked on top of each other to create a perfectly balanced lantern. The different parts are from top to bottom:
• Hōju/Hōshu (宝珠) - The jewel at the top of the lantern
• Ukebana (請花) - The foundation of the jewel
• Kasa (笠) - The umbrella which protects the fire box from harsh weather conditions
• Hibukuro (火袋) - The fire box
• Chūdai (中台) - The platform of the fire box
• Sao (竿) - The post
• Kiso (基礎) - The foundation
• Kidan (基壇) - The base platform

The Nuresagi Gata Ishidōrō (濡れ鷺型石灯籠) is a lantern famous for its tall massive Kasa. The type originated during the Edo period after which it became a very well-known and appreciated addition to the Japanese garden. The Nuresagi Gata lantern was based on a heron standing on one leg. In reference, a heron carving can be seen on the Hibukuro.

• Origin: Nara, Nara prefecture, Japan
• Material: Hirukawa Stone (蛭川石)
• Age: Edo-Meiji Period

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