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Gifuto-ken, Gift Voucher 250 EUR
  • Gifuto-ken, Gift Voucher 250 EUR - YO99010001

Item description - YO99010001
Gifuto-ken, Gift Voucher 250 EUR - Japan is a unique country with a rich culture of gift giving. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, housewarming party or just because it is nice to give. The Japanese give each other a gift for almost any occasion, with the emphasis being more on the ritual giving than on the gift itself.

Surprise your friends or loved ones with a gift voucher for Yokoso Japanese Gardens. The Yokoso Gifuto-ken, which is the Japanese word for gift voucher, can be used on the entire collection. Order your unique Yokoso Gifuto-ken today and give away an authentic and original piece of Japan.

Your ordered Gifuto-ken will be delivered to you by e-mail and can be used both physically and digitally. The gift voucher has no expiration date and has to be used in one order. Combining multiple gift vouchers is possible.

• Value: 250 EUR

Model and sizes

Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
YO99010001 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm € 250.00

EUR: 250.00  ≈  EUR:  250.00

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