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Chinese Ornamental Rock
  • Chinese Ornamental Rock - YO06020006
  • Chinese Ornamental Rock - YO06020006

Item description - YO06020006
Chinese Ornamental Rock - The first written guide on Japanese landscaping, the Sakuteiki, describes creating gardens as: Ishi wo taten koto (石を立てん事). This translates to setting stones upright, a description that greatly emphasizes the importance of these elements within the Japanese garden.

Traditionally applying ornamental rocks, Niwaishi (庭石) in Japanese, forms the basis of practically every Japanese garden. The setting of stones is always the first step, after which the garden is formed together with all the other elements surrounding it.

An authentic Japanese garden needs to evoke a certain natural essence. Rocks and stones play a significant role regarding this principle as they are pure elements, taken straight from nature.

Next to the varied range of authentic Japanese ornamental rocks, Yokoso Japanese Gardens offers a great selection of high quality ornamental rocks from other countries as well. Although they are not from Japan, they are carefully selected for their use in the traditional Japanese garden. This beautiful ornamental rock from China is a prime example of that.

• Origin: China

Model and sizes

Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
YO06020006 90 cm 125 cm 30 cm € 777.75

15% discount! EUR: 915.00  ≈  EUR:  777.75

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