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Black Pebbles 100-150 mm, Glitter Stone
  • Black Pebbles 100-150 mm, Glitter Stone - YO08020003

Item description - YO08020003 Black Pebbles 100-150 mm, Glitter Stone - According to ancient Japanese tradition, pebbles and gravel both have their own important purpose in the Japanese garden. The stones that gravel consists of are quite small in comparison to pebbles. This is why it is often used to symbolize water in the famous Zen gardens, also known as dry rock gardens or Karesansui (枯山水). The consistency of gravel makes it fairly easy to create wave patterns with a traditional rake.

Pebbles on the other hand, are bigger and have a more rounded shape compared to gravel. Because of this pebbles are commonly seen alongside paths of more spacious Japanese gardens. Additionally, pebbles are used to elegantly cover the ground around ornaments such as stone lanterns or Tsukubai arrangements. Besides that, pebbles also play an important role in traditional Sokkō gutters that allow rain water to easily be drained.

1000 kilograms of pebbles or gravel can roughly cover a surface of 7 m2 without the chance of holes or open spots. In this case it will also be of a sufficient height to create traditional Japanese wave patterns in the gravel in the most elegant way possible.

• Origin: China
• Material: Glitter stone

Price overview
• Carry bag: 20 Kg
• Mini bag: 500 Kg/330 liter/3.50 m2 - euro 750,00
• Big bag: 1500 Kg/1000 liter/10.50 m2 - euro 2250,00

Model and sizes

Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
YO08020003 100 mm 40 mm 150 mm € 35.00

EUR: 35.00  ≈  EUR:  35.00

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