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Austrian Ornamental Rock

  • Austrian Ornamental Rock - YO06020056
  • Austrian Ornamental Rock - YO06020056
  • Austrian Ornamental Rock - YO06020056
  • Austrian Ornamental Rock - YO06020056
  • Austrian Ornamental Rock - YO06020056

Item description - YO06020056
Ishi wo taten koto (石を立てん事). This is the way in which the Sakuteiki, the oldest document on Japanese gardens, describes creating gardens. The phrase is ancient Japanese and means the setting of stones. This greatly emphasises the significant role of rocks and stones.

Intelligently applying ornamental rocks, Niwaishi (庭石) in Japanese, forms the foundation of nearly all Japanese gardens. First of all, the rocks need to be in the best possible spot before other parts of the garden can be created. We refer to rocks and stones as the backbone or Kikotsu (気骨) of the garden.

An authentic Japanese garden has to evoke a certain natural essence. Ornamental rocks have a significant role in achieving this as they are unpolished elements taken straight from nature.

Next to the varied range of authentic Japanese ornamental rocks, Yokoso Japanese Gardens offers a great selection of high quality ornamental rocks from other countries as well. Although they are not from Japan, they are carefully selected for their use in the traditional Japanese garden. This beautiful ornamental rock from Austria is a prime example of that.

• Origin: Austria

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YO06020056 70 cm 90 cm 45 cm Eur 765.00

15% discount! 900.00

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