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Meesters in de Tuin Landscaping Event Japanese Garden - Exhibition (2023)

  • Meesters in de Tuin 2023 Japanese Garden
  • Japanese Garden Exhibition Koshikake Japanese Lantern Maple
  • Japanese Garden Exhibition Japanese Lantern Tsukubai Maple
  • Japanese Garden Exhibition Yukimi Lantern Black Pine
  • Japanese Garden Exhibition Stone Bridge Black Pine Shikoku Rocks
  • Japanese Garden Exhibition Stepping Stone Path
  • Japanese Garden Exhibition Stepping Stone Path Koshikake Maple Lantern
  • Japanese Garden Exhibition Ophiopogon Japonicus

Displaying Authentic Japanese Landscaping and Architecture Surrounded by High-End Professionals
This was the first time Yokoso Japanese Gardens participated in the MIDT (Meesters in de Tuin) 2023 event, and we consider it a very successful debut. We were able to connect with landscaping professionals in the same segment as well as consumers of quality gardens in the best way possible, by showcasing our passion and expertise in authentic Japanese landscaping and architecture through our demonstration garden.

Our goal was to create an exhibition stand as a perfect representation of our skills and the services we offer in both woodworking and landscaping. In line with this, a variety of very unique ornaments were integrated into the garden design. At the center, the garden featured a stunning black pine, at least 80 years old, cloud-pruned to near perfection. Surrounding the tree were various elements such as an antique stone bridge traversing the dry river of Shirakawa-suna gravel, and some of our most beautiful Shikoku stones. Among these, the largest Shikoku stone drew considerable attention from one of the garden's corners. In the opposite corner, the Koshikake garden bench was situated, serving as a prime example of the capabilities of our skilled woodworkers. Two authentic pieces, a Kasuga lantern and a Yukimi lantern, were also featured in the garden. The remainder of the garden was filled with a great variety of greenery with Ophiopogon Japonicus and Leptinella Potentillina ground covers.