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Every Japanese garden has a number of elements which refer directly to nature. One of the elements we are talking about is water in the shape of a pond, a stream or a brooke. But do not be fooled, not all "water" in the Japanese garden is wet. A Japanese garden is in fact a more or less abstracted miniaturised representation of a landscape, almost like a painting. In the early days of Japanese landscaping the Japanese garden architects already had learned how to capture, translate and recreate the quality of natural scenery using the "building blocks" that were at hand in the surrounding area where a Japanese garden was to be built. We can find examples of rocks that are impersonating steep cliffs, sparkling waterfalls and distant islands in vast oceans. In rounded shapes pruned shrubs and bushes take on the role of rolling hills and gentle valleys and fine gravel and pebbles are easily deployed as replacement of wild streams and vast oceans.

Connecting shores
To connect the shores of these ponds, streams and brookes, Yokoso Japanese Gardens has designed a series of beautiful Japanese garden bridges in various finishes and sizes for you. Every Japanese bridge can be supplied in various types of wood, finish and dimensions, untreated or finished in Shinto red paint. The vertical support beams may optionally be provided with ornaments. The Japanese garden bridges are available in various fixed sizes, but of course can also be build to order. In that case we can arrange for the technical drawings and presentation of the design in 3D. Note: custom design and presentation require an additional fee.

Stone bridges
In case you own a smaller Japanese dry garden, rock garden or zen garden, Yokoso Japanese Gardens also has a number of granite and stone bridges for you. These curved bridges are simple in shape and are perfect to fit smaller streams and brookes or to connect "gravel" enclosed areas in the garden.

Models and sizes

  Model no: Length: Width: Height: Price:
020101, natural wood 300 cm 120 cm 120 cm Quote
020102, natural wood 400 cm 130 cm 140 cm Quote
020103, natural wood 500 cm 150 cm 170 cm Quote
020104, natural wood 300 cm 200 cm 120 cm Quote
020105, natural wood 400 cm 200 cm 140 cm Quote
020106, natural wood 500 cm 200 cm 170 cm Quote

Price: on request

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