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Heisui - 2101-0002

  • Wooden Ofuro Bath - Heisui - 2101-0002
  • Wooden Ofuro Bath - Heisui - 2101-0002
  • Wooden Ofuro Bath - Heisui - 2101-0002
  • Wooden Ofuro Bath - Heisui - 2101-0002

Item description
Heisui Japanese for calm water is a custom designed traditional Japanese ofuro soaking bath hot tub with 1 straight and 1 sloped sides and 1 removable internal wooden bench. This Japanese hot tub features a copper apron, copper plates to cover the joints and an extra heavy top border.

All wooden bath tubs, ofuro and soaking baths are built from only the very best materials. To be able to guarentee a high degree of authenticity and quality of the design and construction only traditional materials, jointing and techniques are used. The 4.5 cm thick planks of the construction will be put together is such a way the more permeable edges of the planks will be protected. All Japanese Ofuro Bath tubs, hot tubs and accessories are custom designed and constructed for Yokoso Japanese Gardens by our Ofuro builder in Japan.

Origin: Japan
Material: Hinoki, Asnaro Hiba
Age: New product

Knowledge Base
For an overview of the various materials, please see "Knowledge Base" from the menu. The actual size of the product may be slightly different from the specification. Ask for availability in other sizes or material. Please use our order form to tell us your wishes.

Models and sizes

Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
2101-0002 80 cm 170 cm 70 cm On Request

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