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Yoko Itabei 02
Japanese Style Fences

  • Yoko Itabei 02, Japanese Style Fences - YO22020002
  • Yoko Itabei 02, Japanese Style Fences - YO22020002
  • Yoko Itabei 02, Japanese Style Fences - YO22020002
  • Yoko Itabei 02, Japanese Style Fences - YO22020002

Item description - YO22020002
When it comes to the Japanese garden, fences are so much more than a way to isolate the grounds and providing security. Fences, Itabei (板塀) in Japanese, function as the backdrop of the garden. An important element that can really add a lot of atmosphere. Many elements of the Japanese garden symbolize phenomena found in nature. For example, rocks symbolizing mountains or plants representing far away green hills. The backdrop can either add to these images, or lower their effect if they do not fit well together. The hand-made fences by Yokoso Japanese Gardens ensure a fitting and highly authentic backdrop for every Japanese garden.

The Yoko Itabei 02 is a hand-built fence part based on traditional Japanese design and made of the very durable Western Red Cedar. The basic size is 180x180x10 cm. The Japanese garden screens can be built as desired and can be equipped with copper or black protective caps. The fence parts include the posts and are easy to connect.

The fence parts are mounted between the posts. The posts are mounted on adjustable Pitzl post supports. Granite foundation feet are mounted between the posts to prevent the build-up of moisture. This fence requires a concrete foundation. Prices are excluding foundation. Foundation advice and implementation on request.

• Material: Western Red Cedar

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
YO22020002 180 cm 180 cm 10 cm Eur 2250.00

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