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Shiroseki Gravel 5-8 mm, Japanese Garden Gravel

  • Shiroseki Gravel 5-8 mm, Japanese Garden Gravel - YO08020005

Item description - YO08020005
According to ancient Japanese tradition, pebbles and gravel have an important purpose within the Japanese garden. Gravel is relatively small in comparison to pebbles. This is why it is often used to symbolize water at the famous Zen gardens, also known as dry rock gardens or Karesansui (枯山水). The consistency of gravel makes it fairly easy to create wavelike patterns with a traditional rake to represent the dynamic of the ocean. This dynamic brings life to the garden, which is the role of the water element according to Japanese principles.

Shiroseki Gravel is specially developed for the Japanese garden by Yokoso Japanese Gardens in collaboration with European manufacturers. The gravel serves as an elegant and soothing alternative for Japanese Shirakawa Gravel, famous for its usage in many Zen gardens all throughout Japan. Shiroseki Gravel has a lighter color which gives a totally different appearance to the garden in comparison to other gravel types that are often darker, such as Shirakawa Gravel. The lighter color is referenced in the name Shiroseki (白石), which is Japanese for white stone. Shiroseki Gravel is a very elegant substitute for Shirakawa Gravel that is locally produced in a cost efficient way with high standards of quality and authenticity.

1000 kilograms of gravel can roughly cover a surface of 7 m2 without the chance of open spots. In this case it will also be of a sufficient height to create traditional Japanese wavelike patterns in the gravel in the most authentic way possible.

• Origin: Europe
• Material: Quartz and Granite Mix

Price overview
• Big bag: 1000 Kg/7 m2 - euro 475,00

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YO08020005 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm Eur 475.00


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