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Set 5 Slates Volcanic Rock

  • Set 5 Slates Volcanic Rock - YO20020011
  • Set 5 Slates Volcanic Rock - YO20020011
  • Set 5 Slates Volcanic Rock - YO20020011

Item description - YO20020011
Wonderful set hand-carved volcanic rock slates or slabs. These slabs are perfect to use in the Japanese garden. Combined with big pebbles and antique milling stones they can be used to build a wonderful Nobedan path. Also, a very good material to build stairs in the garden.

The Tiles can also be used as stepping stone. The bigger and longer slates or slabs are a perfect solution to bridge small streams or ditches in the garden.

• Origin: Vietnam
• Material: Volcanic Rock
• Age: Unknown

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YO20020011 40 cm 70 cm 10 cm Eur Item is Sold

Item is Sold

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