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Onikawara, Japanese Kawara Roof Tile

  • Onikawara, Japanese Kawara Roof Tile - YO23010096
  • Onikawara, Japanese Kawara Roof Tile - YO23010096
  • Onikawara, Japanese Kawara Roof Tile - YO23010096

Item description - YO23010096
Original Japanese roof tiles known as Kawara (瓦) are widely used as decoration in the traditional Japanese garden. When the roof of a building is being renovated, the old roof tiles are given a new purpose by adding them to the garden. Some people might perceive this as odd, but Japanese roof tiles are in a league of their own. They can be considered valuable pieces of art, especially if they are antique. The roof tiles consist of different detailed shapes and carvings that really add to the authenticity of Japanese architecture and gardens alike.

We at Yokoso Japanese Gardens are working closely together with the best Japanese antique experts that the country has to offer. Thanks to our ever-growing network we are able to present the most unique Japanese antiques in our collection.

• Origin: Nagoya, Aichi prefecture
• Material: Kawara Ceramic
• Age: Meiji period

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YO23010096 48 cm 8 cm 30 cm Eur Item is Sold

Item is Sold

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