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Nobedan Pavement

  • Nobedan Pavement - 2002-0012
  • Nobedan Pavement - 2002-0012
  • Nobedan Pavement - 2002-0012
  • Nobedan Pavement - 2002-0012

Item description
Nobedan is a method of stone paving in the roji or tea garden in which a large rectangular stone path is made by paving together numerous smaller stones. Nobedan may use cut-stone paving kiri-ishijiki, mixed-stone paving yose-ishijiki, round- stone paving tama-ishijiki, or a combination of these types. Also, numerous other shaped pieces of granite or stone and even millstones are embedded.

The joints between the different types of stones create interesting shadows, the beauty of which is a key feature of nobedan. The patterns of these joints are called ararekoboshi or ararekuzushi. The nobedan is often near the middle gate chuumon, although it may also be positioned elsewhere.

• Origin: Japan
• Material: Hirukawa stone - Pineappled
• Age: New product - Price per m2

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
2002-0012 30 cm 20 cm 10 cm Eur 375.00

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