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Natsume, Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai - 0301-0071

  • Natsume, Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai - 0301-0071
  • Natsume, Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai - 0301-0071
  • Natsume, Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai - 0301-0071
  • Natsume, Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai - 0301-0071

Item description
A Chōzubachi (手水鉢) is an ornamental waterbassin found in the traditional Japanese garden. It is used for the ritual washing of the hands and rinsing of the mouth before a person is allowed to participate in the tea ceremony or enter holy grounds such as Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines. Loosely translated Chōzubachi means waterbassin for the hands.

This Chōzubachi can perfectly be used in a traditional Tsukubai arrangement. This means that specific functional stones named Yaku-ishi (役石) are placed around the Chōzubachi. The stones placed on either side are called Teshoke-ishi (手燭石) and Yuoke-ishi (湯桶石). The stone in the front is called Mae-ishi (前石). Additionally, a stone Oribe lantern can be placed behind the Chōzubachi. A bamboo ladle or dipper is also a frequently seen item in the Tsukubai arrangement. The water supply of the Tsukubai can traditionally be arranged with a bamboo spout called Takekakehi (竹筧). The term Tsukubai originated from the Japanese verb Tsukubau (蹲う) which means to crouch down, an act of humbleness.

This Chōzubachi type is known as Natsume (棗). This means Ziziphus jujuba or Chinese date. The Natsume Chōzubachi has a very recognizable shape which resembles a Chinese date. Hence the name.

This specific Chōzubachi has a carving of a frog on the side. The frog, Kaeru (カエル) in Japanese, is a lucky animal according to Japanese philosophy. The idea behind it comes from the Japanese word for to return which is, like the Japanese word for frog, pronounced as Kaeru.

• Origin: Nagoya, Aichi prefecture
• Material: Hirukawa stone (蛭川石)
• Age: Edo-Meiji Period

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0301-0071 63 cm 63 cm 67 cm Eur 2400.00

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