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Leptinella Potentillina, Brass Buttons

  • Leptinella Potentillina, Brass Buttons - 4199-0002
  • Leptinella Potentillina, Brass Buttons - 4199-0002

Item description
Leptinella Squalida is a species of flowering plant in the Daisy family, native to New Zealand. Known as Brass Buttons for its yellow button-like flowers, it grows to about 5 cm tall, spreading indefinitely via rhizomes. Leptinella is a creeping perennial groundcover that spreads quickly by rhizomatous runners just under the soil surface. Leaves are feathery or fern-like with colors ranging from grayish-green to bright green with gray, purple and black tints.

Flowers are tiny button-like heads without the petal-like ray florets usually associated with daisies. Colors of flowers range from white to yellow or even black. Perfect as a replacement for moss in the Japanese garden.

• Origin: Europe
• Age: Unknown

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4199-0002 10 cm 10 cm 10 cm Eur 1.95

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