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Kasshoku Bamboo Garden Screen 180x180 cm

  • Kasshoku Bamboo Garden Screen 180x180 cm - 2402-0003
  • Kasshoku Bamboo Garden Screen 180x180 cm - 2402-0003
  • Kasshoku Bamboo Garden Screen 180x180 cm - 2402-0003

Item description
The Kasshoku garden screens are made of dark brown bamboo shoots with a diameter of 35-45 mm and are available in various sizes as standard. The bamboo screens can easily be shortened in width and height and be mounted between hardwood posts on a slatted frame. The screens rest at the bottom on a hardwood batten to keep the screens neatly straight.

The bamboo screens are mounted with the closed side upwards to prevent moisture and dirt from getting into the bamboo poles. The vertical bamboo poles are connected horizontally by a thin bamboo slat which ensures the stability of the bamboo fence.

The name Kasshoku finds its origins in the Japanese language. It means dark brown, which refers to the color of the bamboo screens.

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• Origin: China
• Material: Nigra-Phyllostachys Nigra
• Treated: Impregnated
• Lifespan: 10 years

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
2402-0003 180 cm 4 cm 180 cm Eur 165.50

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