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Japanese White Pine, Pinus Parviflora

  • Japanese White Pine, Pinus Parviflora - YO41010014
  • Japanese White Pine, Pinus Parviflora - YO41010014
  • Japanese White Pine, Pinus Parviflora - YO41010014
  • Japanese White Pine, Pinus Parviflora - YO41010014

Item description - YO41010014
The Japanese White Pine or Pinus Parviflora is a wonderfully shaped tree seen in many renowned Japanese gardens. The Japanese name, Goyōmatsu (ゴヨウマツ), means: Pine with five needles. This refers to the amount of needles that grow per bundle on the branches of the tree. The Pinus Parviflora is native to Japan and Korea where it can grow up to 25 meters tall. In other parts of the world, Europe and America for example, the tree has a maximum height of around 6 meters due to the difference in climate and soil.

The Japanese White Pine is quite narrow at a young age, but after the years go by the tree slowly starts to develop fascinating natural shapes and grows exponentially in width. Because of this the Pinus Parviflora is admired by many Japanese landscapers and Bonsai masters alike.

Due to international rules and restrictions we only export our plants and trees within the European Union.

• Origin: Japan
• Age: Approximately 35 years
• Style: Moyogi (informal upright)
• Tree dimensions (height x width x depth) without pot: 560 x 730 x 650 mm
• Tree diameter: 100 mm
• Pot dimensions (width x depth x height) without tree: 445 x 435 x 290 mm

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
YO41010014 73 cm 65 cm 56 cm Eur 1999.00


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