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Japanese Tanuki Ceramic - 0701-0037

  • Japanese Tanuki Ceramic - 0701-0037
  • Japanese Tanuki Ceramic - 0701-0037
  • Japanese Tanuki Ceramic - 0701-0037

Item description
The Tanuki has a long history in Japanese legend and folklore. Bake-Danuki are a kind of tanuki yokai ghost, found in the classics, in the folklore and legends of various places in Japan. In some regions of Japan, Bake-Danuki are reputed to have abilities similar to those attributed to Kitsune foxes: they can shapeshift into other things, shapeshift into people and possess human beings.

We find Tanuki in Japanese gardens and porches all over the land. It is said the Tanuki are on the watch looking out for bad visitors to scare them away and protect the owner of the property.

• Origin: Osaka
• Material: Ceramic
• Age: Vintage

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0701-0037 14 cm 14 cm 18 cm Eur Item is Sold

Item is Sold

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