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Japanese Stone Lantern Sunshoan Gata

  • Japanese Stone Lantern Sunshoan Gata - YO01010051
  • Japanese Stone Lantern Sunshoan Gata - YO01010051

Item description - YO01010051
Japanese stone lantern, in Japanese Toro, or Tourou. The earliest were introduced to Japan from China through Korea along with Buddhism. Stone lanterns, or Ishidourou, were used first as votive lights at temples and shrines. Later they were used to light the ground of these religious precincts. Secular use began in the 16c. when stone lanterns were used by tea masters for gardens surrounding their tea huts.

Almost all Japanese stone lanterns are divided into separate parts. From bottom to top, the base: Kiso, the pilar: Sao, firebox base: Chudai, the firebox: Hibukuro, the roof: Kasa and the jewel: Houju.

The Japanese Stone Lantern Sunshoan Gata. We think this lantern is a combination of a Sunshoan and Nozura. Somewhere in time, the Nozura foot or base was added. The upper part shows clear Sunshoan features while the foot looks like a Nozura. Nonetheless a great and old Japanese stone lantern.

• Origin: Nara, Kyoto
• Material: Hirukawa stone
• Age: Edo Period

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