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Japanese Stone Bridge

  • Japanese Stone Bridge - 0401-0006
  • Japanese Stone Bridge - 0401-0006
  • Japanese Stone Bridge - 0401-0006
  • Japanese Stone Bridge - 0401-0006

Item description
Wonderful antique hand carved Japanese stone bridge, in Japanese called Sori Ishibashi. These stone bridges are a perfect solution to cross small streams or ditches joining opposite shores in the Japanese teagarden or Roji.

Also, the Japanese stone bridges are used in Japanese dry rock and zen gardens, in Japanese called Karesansui. The gravel is often raked in waves depicting water streams or the ocean.

Next to curved stone bridges natural flat stones are used to cross streams. This solution is often found in Japanese gardens with narrow meandering streams.

• Origin: Osaka
• Material: Shirakawa stone - Pineappled
• Age: Edo Period

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0401-0006 45 cm 135 cm 14 cm Eur Item is Sold

Item is Sold

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