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Japanese Shirakawa Gravel 5-10 mm

  • Japanese Shirakawa Gravel 5-10 mm - YO08010002

Item description - YO08010002
According to ancient Japanese tradition, pebbles and gravel have an important purpose within the Japanese garden. Gravel is relatively small in comparison to pebbles. This is why it is often used to symbolize water at the famous Zen gardens, also known as dry rock gardens or Karesansui (枯山水). The consistency of gravel makes it fairly easy to create wavelike patterns with a traditional rake to represent the dynamic of the ocean. This dynamic brings life to the garden, which is the role of the water element according to Japanese principles.

1000 kilograms of pebbles or gravel can roughly cover a surface of 7 m2 without the chance of holes or open spots. In this case it will also be of a sufficient height to create traditional Japanese wave patterns in the gravel in the most elegant way possible.

Shirakawa gravel (白川砂利) is one of the most authentic types of gravel and can be seen in many highly acclaimed Japanese gardens, especially Zen gardens. Shirakawa gravel originates from the Shirakawa river in Kyoto prefecture. The river runs from the eastern hills of Kyoto, through the Geisha district of Gion and eventually ends up in the Kamo river. Shirakawa literally means White River in Japanese. This refers to the light-colored sand and gravel transported by the river.

• Origin: Kyoto, Kyoto prefecture
• Material: Shirakawa stone (白川石)

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YO08010002 5 mm 5 mm 10 mm Eur 1250.00


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