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Japanese Set Sokkou Gutters

  • Japanese Set Sokkou Gutters - 2002-0006
  • Japanese Set Sokkou Gutters - 2002-0006
  • Japanese Set Sokkou Gutters - 2002-0006

Item description
The Japanese people are doing a great job recycling old stone and granite objects. The same counts for these wonderful antique granite Sokkou or gutters. Use them to build a Nobedan path or to border the area around the veranda or other parts of the garden. These are very attractive pieces of granite.

• Origin: Japan
• Material: Shirakawa stone
• Age: Edo Period
• Per set 10 pieces

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
2002-0006 20 cm 100 cm 20 cm Eur 1890.00

10% discount! 2100.00
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