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Japanese Planter Kokumotsu Kibako Hashira

  • Japanese Planter Kokumotsu Kibako Hashira - YO22010003
  • Japanese Planter Kokumotsu Kibako Hashira - YO22010003
  • Japanese Planter Kokumotsu Kibako Hashira - YO22010003

Item description - YO22010003
Kokumotsu Kibako is Japanese for box from grained wood. The Kokumotsu Kibako planters and tree containers are hand built from reclaimed Siberian larch panels that served their heavy duty in the stone and pavement industry for at least 100 years. Before construction, the wood is sandblasted to reveal the beautiful delicate natural patina and grain. The panels consist of 40 mm thick larch wooden planks put together by means of traditional dovetail joints.

The edges of the planters and the Japanese signature on the sides are accomplished with Shou Sugi Ban. Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi is an ancient Japanese exterior burning technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire. The last phase is treating the planters and tree containers with a natural oil to protect the wood from decay and brighten the colors. Standard the Kokumotsu Kibako Planters come with a Japanese Kanji lettering. On request, we can also add different lettering and logos to your Kokumotsu Kibako Planters.

• Origin: Netherlands
• Material: Larch wood
• Age: Recycled

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YO22010003 50 cm 50 cm 80 cm Eur 425.00

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