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Japanese Pebbles Glitterstone 30-50 mm

  • Japanese Pebbles Glitterstone 30-50 mm - 0802-0001

Item description
There are two sizes of gravel and pebbles commonly used in Japanese gardens. Small gravel, which is tiny and sharp on the edges, often signifies water in Zen gardens, Karesansui, that do not include the wet element. Raking the small gravel allows you to create waves and patterns that resemble water.

Larger, pebbles usually rounded and smooth, can also be used to represent water in larger gardens, although it is most typically used as a background for larger elements such as stepping stones or statues. Bigger pebbles are also used to fill the so-called Sokkou or gutter that is used to discharge the rain coming from the roofs.

• Origin: China
• Material: Glitterstone
• Small bags 20 Kg - euro 20,00
• Minibag 350 liter, 0.35 m3, 500 Kg, euro 500,00
• Bigbag 1000 liter, 1.00 m3, 1500 Kg - euro 1500,00

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
0802-0001 30 mm 30 mm 50 mm Eur 20.00

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