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Japanese Pagoda

  • Japanese Pagoda - 0201-0004
  • Japanese Pagoda - 0201-0004
  • Japanese Pagoda - 0201-0004

Item description
Stone Pagodas are well known in Japan where they often are placed in front of a Buddhist temple or within the temple surroundings. Similar in shape to the wooden constructions the stone pagoda made from granite are very durable. Pagodas are usually placed on a hillside or next to a path in a Japanese garden. Most pagodas have an odd number of tiers.

This particular pagoda has 9 tiers. The granite has matured over time and has a wonderful patin.

• Origin: Nagoya
• Material: Hirukawa stone
• Age: Showa Period

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
0201-0004 74 cm 74 cm 375 cm Eur 6500.00

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