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Japanese Frog Ceramic

  • Japanese Frog Ceramic - 0701-0011
  • Japanese Frog Ceramic - 0701-0011
  • Japanese Frog Ceramic - 0701-0011

Item description
The Japanese Lucky Frog. The Japanese word for frog is Kaeru. Kaeru also means return. In Japan, frogs are very auspicious. Anyone traveling may want to bring a frog amulet on their journey as this is believed to secure a safe return.

Many may also want to keep a small frog amulet in their purse or wallet at all times. The idea is that the frog will see to it that money always finds its way back to the wallet.

• Origin: Nagoya
• Material: Ceramic
• Age: Vintage

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0701-0011 25 cm 30 cm 30 cm Eur Item is Sold

Item is Sold

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