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Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai Shikoku

  • Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai Shikoku - YO03010028
  • Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai Shikoku - YO03010028
  • Japanese Chōzubachi Tsukubai Shikoku - YO03010028

Item description - YO03010028
A Tsukubai is basically the name for an arrangement of a Tetsubachi or Chōzubachi, a lantern and some special stones. Often an Oribe lantern is placed behind it and stones with various roles, Yaku-ishi, are arranged around the waterbasin. A wash basin with various stones around it, often the Teshoku-ishi and Yuoke-ishi to the right and left, the Suimon in the centre and the Mae-ishi in front.

In Japan, a Tsukubai is a washbasin provided at the entrance to holy places for visitors to purify themselves by the ritual washing of hands and rinsing of the mouth. This type of ritual cleansing is the custom for guests attending a tea ceremony or visiting the grounds of a Buddhist temple. The name originates from the word Tsukubau, meaning to crouch or to bow down, an act of humility.

Tetsubachi and Chozubachi are usually made of granite or stone, and are often provided with a small ladle and rest set called Hishaku Oki, ready for use. A supply of water may be provided via a bamboo pipe called a Kakei.

Shikoku stones are very special and rare. It is not allowed to quarry Shikoku stones in Japan because they are labeled national trust.

• Origin: Shikoku
• Material: Shikoku stone
• Age: Meiji Period

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