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Japanese Camellia Japonica

  • Japanese Camellia Japonica - 4104-0002
  • Japanese Camellia Japonica - 4104-0002
  • Japanese Camellia Japonica - 4104-0002

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The Japanese Camellia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae. They are found in eastern and southern Asia, from the Himalayas east to Japan and Indonesia. There are 100 to 300 described species, with some controversy over the exact number. In the wild, flowering is between January and March. The flowers appear along the branches, particularly towards the ends, and have very short stems. They occur either alone or in pairs, and are 610 cm across.

Camellias are famous throughout East Asia and Japan for their splendid colorful flowers. Probably the main reason Camelias are found in Japanese gardens.

• Origin: Japan
• Age: Unknown

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