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Japanese Black Pine, Pinus Thunbergii

  • Japanese Black Pine, Pinus Thunbergii - YO41010048
  • Japanese Black Pine, Pinus Thunbergii - YO41010048
  • Japanese Black Pine, Pinus Thunbergii - YO41010048
  • Japanese Black Pine, Pinus Thunbergii - YO41010048

Item description - YO41010048
The Japanese Black Pine or Pinus Thunbergii belongs to the Pinaceae family. These trees, known as Kuromatsu (黒松) in Japanese, grow naturally around the coastal areas of Kyūshū, Shikoku, Honshū and South Korea where they grow up to 40 meters tall. The Japanese Black Pine is a strong tree that has a lifespan of easily hundreds of years.

The Japanese black pine is often cloud pruned according to traditional Niwaki principles. The trunk and branches are bended using certain techniques. This is very similar to Bonsai, but on a larger scale. Both require decades of dedication.

Due to international rules and restrictions we only export our plants and trees within the European Union.

• Origin: The Netherlands
• Age: Approximately 40 years
• Style: Moyogi (informal upright)
• Tree dimensions (height x width x depth) without pot: 2300 x 3500 x 2100 mm
• Tree diameter: 260 mm
• Pot dimensions (width x depth x height) without tree: 1100 x 1100 x 500 mm

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
YO41010048 350 cm 210 cm 230 cm Eur 15499.00


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