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Japanese Azalea, Satsuki

  • Japanese Azalea, Satsuki - YO41040004
  • Japanese Azalea, Satsuki - YO41040004
  • Japanese Azalea, Satsuki - YO41040004

Item description - YO41040004
The Japanese Azalea, Satsuki evergreen Azaleas have been hybridized in Japan for at least 500 years. The first Satsuki were probably natural hybrids of Indicum and Tamurae. In general, they are late-blooming mid-May and June, with 1 to 5 inch single flowers, although some have hose-in-hose, semi-double and fully double flowers.

Satsuki flower shapes range from rounded overlapping lobes to narrow wide-spaced lobes, with lobe edges ranging from flat to frilled. Flower colors vary from white to pink, yellowish pink, red, reddish orange, and purple. These color patterns are highly prized by the Japanese. The Japanese Azalea come in bonsai pruned style or as separate bowls.

• Origin: Japan
• Age: Unknown

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