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European Taxus Baccata, Yew

  • European Taxus Baccata, Yew - YO41500010
  • European Taxus Baccata, Yew - YO41500010

Item description - YO41500010
The Taxus Baccata, also known as Yew, is a conifer belonging to the Taxus family. It is a relatively slow growing shrub that is usually planted in groups. These groups can be cloud pruned, giving them a beautiful appearance that reminds one of far away hills.

Although the Taxus Baccata do not originate from Japan, they are perfect for the Japanese garden. It is an evergreen plant, meaning that it is green all year around and that it does not lose its leaves during winter. Additionally, the Taxus Baccata has a very long lifespan. There are examples in England dating back to thousands of years ago.

• Origin: Europe

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YO41500010 40 cm 40 cm 40 cm Eur On Request

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