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European Pinus Mugo, Creeping Pine

  • European Pinus Mugo, Creeping Pine - YO41010025
  • European Pinus Mugo, Creeping Pine - YO41010025
  • European Pinus Mugo, Creeping Pine - YO41010025

Item description - YO41010025
Pinus Mugo, known as Creeping Pine, Dwarf Mountain Pine, Mountain pine or Scrub Mountain Pine is a species of Conifer, native to high elevation habitats from southwestern to Central Europe. Pinus Mugo is native to the Pyrenees, Alps, Erzgebirge, Carpathians, northern and central Apennines, and higher Balkan Peninsula mountains.

It is usually found from 1,0002,200 m, occasionally as low as 200 m in the north of the range in Germany and Poland, and as high as 2,700 m, in the south of the range in Bulgaria and the Pyrenees. Also in the Republic of Kosova it is found in the Bjeshket e Nemuna National Park, in the region of the municipality of Peja and Istog. In the Japanese garden, the Pinus Mugo is often encountered as a solitary form tree.

• Origin: Europe
• Age: Unknown

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