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Dōdan Tsutsuji
Japanese Enkianthus Perulatus

  • Dōdan Tsutsuji, Japanese Enkianthus Perulatus - YO41500002
  • Dōdan Tsutsuji, Japanese Enkianthus Perulatus - YO41500002
  • Dōdan Tsutsuji, Japanese Enkianthus Perulatus - YO41500002

Item description - YO41500002
The Enkianthus Perulatus, Dōdan Tsutsuji (ドウダンツツジ) in Japanese, is a shrub belonging to the Ericaceae family. The plant originates from Japan and primarily grows in Honshū, Shikoku and the south of Hokkaidō. Enkianthus Perulatus have been used by Japanese landscapers for hundreds of years, making it one of the most authentic shrubs for the Japanese garden. Next to Japanese gardens, the plant will be the perfect addition to a Western garden as well. For example, a heather garden.

Enkianthus Perulatus are famous for their spectacular vivid autumn colors. The combination of red, yellow and orange colored leaves is truly fantastic. The shrub is also known as the four seasons tree. Next to autumn, the shrub is beautiful green in the spring, has wonderful white flowers during summer and has a uniquely characteristic silhouette during winter.

• Origin: Japan

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