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Curbstone Granite

  • Curbstone Granite - YO20020004
  • Curbstone Granite - YO20020004

Item description - YO20020004
In the Japanese garden, Granite curbstones are applied to form borders between different sections of the garden. Additionally, curbstones can be used to create stairs to, for example, a veranda or as part of a rising path through the garden.

Besides that, granite curbstones are an essential part of creating a beautiful traditional Sokkō gutter (砂利側溝). Sokkō are used to drain rain water in an elegant way. They are formed by placing two parallel granite curbstones with a space of around 20 centimeters in between, alongside the edges of the garden. This is followed by placing a drainage system in the space between the curbstones. To complete the Sokkō the drainage system has to be covered by pebbles.

• Origin: China
• Material: Silver-grey granite (Pineappled)
• Age: New product

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YO20020004 20 cm 100 cm 8 cm Eur 42.00

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