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Antique Metal Pagoda

  • Antique Metal Pagoda - 2301-0098
  • Antique Metal Pagoda - 2301-0098
  • Antique Metal Pagoda - 2301-0098
  • Antique Metal Pagoda - 2301-0098

Item description
This is a wonderfully detailed smaller version of a Pagoda building made from a bronze-brass alloy. Pagoda buildings, Tō (塔) in Japanese, originated in ancient India from where the phenomenon spread throughout different parts of Asia. Today the Pagoda is synonymous with traditional Chinese architecture and it also became a staple of the Japanese culture as well. The high Pagodas symbolize the sacred mountains of legends and folklore. The top floor of a Pagoda was usually the place where valuable treasures, jewels and artifacts were safely stored.

We at Yokoso Japanese Gardens are working closely together with the best Japanese antique experts that the country has to offer. Thanks to our ever-growing network we are able to present the most unique Japanese antiques in our collection.

• Origin: Nagoya, Japan
• Material: Bronze-brass alloy
• Age: Meiji Period
• Condition: In spite of its age, it is in very good condition. It comes with four small bells that can be hung from the corners of one of the roofs.

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Model: Length: Width: Height: Price:
2301-0098 47 cm 47 cm 153 cm Eur 1950.00

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